Living In Twin Creeks

Living In Twin Creeks

From Bernard Gibbons and Michelle Hensley
Your Twin Creeks Real Estate Specialists

Twin Creeks Tri-Level Home

About Twin Creeks, San Ramon

Twin Creeks is one of the largest and most popular residential areas in west side San Ramon. It is situated primarily within a triangle formed by San Ramon Valley Boulevard, Bollinger Canyon Road and Crow Canyon Road and comprises over 1,500 homes. Read More…

Buying A Twin Creeks Home

It doesn’t have to be stressful and it really isn’t that complicated, provided that you have a knowledgeable guide. When you are buying a Twin Creeks home, our goal is to find out exactly what you are looking for and then help you to find it. It’s always a lot more than just a home within your budget that has a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms, so ideally, we should arrange for a face-to-face meeting as early in the process as possible. Read More…

107 Kilpatrick Drive, San Ramon
81 Milaw Court, San Ramon

Selling Your Twin Creeks Home

Selling your home in today’s market seems easy. But selling your Twin Creeks home for the best price and in the timescale that works best for you is a bit more challenging. All real estate agents are not the same! You need an experienced agent with a well-defined strategy that will get you the best net return on your investment. Read More…

2022 August Update Chart

August 2022 Twin Creeks Real Estate Update

Examining these figures on a month by month basis, it is clear that the effects of recent interest rate increases are making themselves felt. Although inventory is higher than it has been over the past few months, prices have certainly stabilized, and many sellers are surely realizing that they priced their home higher than the market would accept. There are

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About Bernard and Michelle

Father and daughter team, Bernard Gibbons and Michelle Hensley, are your Twin Creeks Real Estate Specialists with well over 50 years combined experience in San Francisco East Bay Real Estate. We list and sell more homes in Twin Creeks than any other agent. Read More…

Bernard Gibbons & Michelle Hensley
Bernard Gibbons & Michelle Hensley


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