January 2024 Twin Creeks Real Estate Update

2024 January Real Estate Update

The Current Real Estate Market in Twin Creeks

The above charts can be seen as a pretty good snapshot of what happened in the Twin Creeks real estate market over the past few months. Just 8 sales in the last quarter of the year is virtually unheard of. Yet half of them had more than one offer. This tends to suggest that even with higher interest rates, homes here are still in demand. There are just not enough of them for sale. It’s also apparent that when homes are listed for sale at the right price, they are selling at, or close to it.

Right now, at the end of December, there is just one home for sale and one with a sale agreed. This is not quite so unusual. It is the Holiday Season, after all. It’s likely that inventory will pick up somewhat as we move towards spring, and we do know of two or three homes that are about to come on the market very early in the new year.

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