March 2023 Twin Creeks Real Estate Update

March 2023 Market Update

The Current Real Estate Market in Twin Creeks

At first glance, it’s easy to think that the real estate market in Twin Creeks is pretty stagnant, but the reality is that it is still February as I write this, and the lack of inventory is fairly typical for the time of year.

As we move towards Spring, we will certainly see more homes coming on the market here. Whether they will be in sufficient numbers to meet buyer demand is doubtful though.

Consider 2793 Marsh Drive above. This 4 bedroom 2 bath duet was listed for sale at $1,150,000 on November 2nd, and although it was on the market for 21 days before a sale was agreed, it received 5 offers and sold for $1,100,000.

And then look at 2554 Marsh Drive that was listed on February 15th at $1,499,000. The sellers set an offer review date, just a few days after it was listed for sale, and the result was a sale being agreed promptly. We won’t know the sale price until close of escrow, but it seems likely that it sold above list price with more than one offer.

These two homes are prime examples of homes that were priced right, after taking recent sales of similar homes into consideration. Homes that are significantly over=priced will just sit on the market, only selling after a price reduction or two.

Motivated buyers are out there already, and the real estate market typically moves into high gear as the evenings get lighter and the weather improves. Sellers know their homes will show best in warm, sunny, dry weather. Buyers with children want to firm up their plans in time to get them signed up for the coming school year.

Overall, if you are thinking about moving this year, now is a good time to get your home ready for sale.

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