May 2023 Twin Creeks Real Estate Update

May 2023 Market Update

The Current Real Estate Market in Twin Creeks

I can’t remember when there were so few homes for sale in our area. Not just in Twin Creeks, but in San Ramon as a whole. There really are motivated buyers out there,as can be seen from the numbers of homes with multiple offers, but nowhere near enough sellers to meet the demand.

If you are planning o move this year, now is the perfect time to get your home ready for sale. If it’s priced right and prepared appropriately, you will find lots of interest.

It’s worth noting that sellers are starting to use the age old strategy of under-pricing their homes when listing them for sale. Thanks to the Internet, buyers have more information about real estate sales now than they have ever had. And they will quickly see when a new listing is offered for sale at a price that looks like a very good deal. A closer look will generally reveal that there is an offer review date specified, and eager buyers have just a few days to get their offers together. As can be seen from the recently sold homes above, multiple offers were received in three cases, within six days, and the homes sold well above list price.

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